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Digital Inventoy Advisory Panel

EDC® Announces the Formation of the EDC® Digital Inventory Advisory Panel

Don’t miss out! We’re pleased to announce the formation of the EDC® Digital Inventory Advisory Panel, and invite others to join! EDC® has always valued and involved the “hands-on” insights from you who are using our various software solutions.

Digital Inventoy Advisory Panel

Digital Inventories – are you ready?

Whether referred to as “Digital Inventories,” “Electronic Inventories,” or “Paperless Inventories,” there’s no question about the need to add this in-demand service to your team’s tool kit in order to win and keep important channels of revenue.

The great news is that there are helpful resources and significant benefits to utilizing Digital Inventories – and you can learn more about them from our EDC® team and within this EDC® Digital Inventory Resource Hub.

What kind of devices do I need to complete a digital inventory?

Apple or Android mobile devices – phones or tablets – can be used to complete your digital inventory, though tablets give larger viewing space for your users.

Once completed, your EDC® digital inventories can be easily viewed within your EDC® system from your usual computer or device, and can also be emailed for easy viewing by customers, clients, and partners. You can also print the finalized inventory.

We can answer questions about devices and capabilities, and offer free, flexible training and support for you, your agents, crews, and drivers.

To learn more about device types for Digital Inventories, please Contact Us.