Yes. The terms are often used interchangeably. You may also hear these referred to as “Paperless Inventories.” For more info on digital (aka electronic) inventories, check out our Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Digital Inventories.

No, digital inventories are not new and have been in use for a number of years, though they’ve not yet been adopted by all in the industry. Recently, customers, as well as client accounts have begun to request, and sometimes require digital inventories for their moves, wanting the easily read and understood format, as well as the additional benefits that digital inventories can bring within their move, storage, and claims management systems.

The most notable requirement for use of digital inventories (aka electronic inventories) was issued on Nov. 5, 2021, when the United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) confirmed that effective May 15, 2023, they will require the use of digital inventories for DoD personal property moves. In the interim, usage is “strongly encouraged.”

This DoD mandate has put renewed focus and urgency on preparation and adoption for those TSPs, agents, and drivers who are not yet using digital inventories. If that includes you, the great news is that we’re here to help!

Our user-friendly EDC® Digital Inventory App is available for Apple and Android devices, works even if you don’t have Internet connectivity, and is already connected with DoD shipments, providers, and systems. Our team will help you to understand and plan for what is needed, and with our free training and support, as well as our 24/7 emergency hotline, we assist with your team’s training, adoption, and successful delivery of digital inventories for your own customers, partners, and crews.

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Apple or Android mobile devices – phones or tablets – can be used to complete your digital inventory, though tablets give larger viewing space for your users.

Once completed, your EDC® digital inventories can be easily viewed within your EDC® system from your usual computer or mobile device, and can also be emailed for easy viewing by customers, clients, and partners. You can also print the finalized inventory.

We can answer questions about devices and capabilities, and offer free, flexible training and support for you, your agents, crews, and drivers.

To learn more about device types for Digital Inventories, please Contact Us.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

We understand that some team members are more comfortable with technology than others, and we also know that that not everyone sits in an office available for “business hours” training.

Our digital inventory app is fast and easy to use, and we provide many different types of FREE training and resources for users of all types and levels. You can join a live training session for interactive questions and answers, as well as seeing on-screen views for visual learners. We also provide a digital inventory resource center with FAQs, short video tutorials, and screenshots for anytime access.

We’ll flexibly schedule training sessions according to your team members’ needs and availability, as well as provide a schedule of open sessions that users can join as needed.

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In earlier drafts from USTRANSCOM, there was a requirement that digital inventories be completed according to ISO Standard 17451 for DoD moves, though in their finalized business rule language released Nov 5, 2021, they removed any reference or mandate regarding ISO 17451 or any other data standard.

Since there is currently no mandate to movers, EDC® gives our customers the choice of completing digital inventories in keeping with ISO 17451, or completing digital inventories with the flexibility of editing item or room names, etc. which cannot be edited if adhering to a fixed ISO standard. EDC® supports either method and gives our customers choice according to their preference. Should USTRANSCOM mandate a specific ISO standard in the future for DoD inventories, we will likewise mandate that required format for DoD moves/inventories.

Absolutely! Our EDC® digital inventory app receives the service member’s electronic signature and comments (provided directly on screen of the device being used to complete the digital inventory). You will not need to print the digital inventory form to obtain signatures or comments.

Once the digital inventory is finalized with the service member's signature, a copy can be emailed to the service member, whether from the mobile devices once Internet-connected, or from within the EDC® system.

To learn more about our Digital Inventory App, Contact Us.

Great news! When you use the EDC® app, your completed Digital Inventory form will automatically show up in your EDC® system’s shipment records, syncing as soon as the mobile device is Internet-connected. You do not need to first print, save, or email yourself the form (though if you want a paper copy of the finalized inventory, you can print, as well).

To send the finalized digital inventory to the service member, you can simply email it via our EDC® app. If the device is in an area with no connectivity, that’s not a problem. Our system will send the email as soon as the device is again Internet-connected.

Absolutely! We welcome third-party companies and software providers to connect via our GOgistiX® network, connecting mobility, moving, shippers/transferees, and supply chain partners around the globe.

Many third-party companies and software systems are already plugged in to our GOgistiX® network and have been for over a decade. We are happy to welcome you!

To learn more, please Contact Us or email inventory@edcus.com.

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