Screenshot of the EasyDPS software application

EasyDPS® has every tool you need to keep your DOD business running smoothly.

From day one of the Defense Personal Property System (DPS), EasyDPS® by EDC has empowered movers of military families with a simpler – but robust – interface to manage their moves.

Through the GOgistiX® network, you can further automate data exchange with customers, agents, suppliers, and partners, guarantee in-transit visibility, and stay in control of the entire process, from shipment award to billing and claims.

Visual representation of the data workflow on EasyDPS

With EasyDPS® you can:

  • Manage all your SCACs in one interface
  • Simplify your shipment acceptance from desktop and mobile applications
  • Provide service members in-transit visibility with the TrakGX™ shipper mobile application
  • Automate short-fuse competition tools
  • Manage blackouts
  • Get real-time insight into your agents’ capacity
  • Access the industry’s only claims history database
  • Settle claims
  • Download CSS, BVS and TDL, and access export tools
  • Quickly download and upload rates
  • Manage DPS invoicing and billing functions
  • Integrate with Syncada and Daycos
  • Set alerts to notify you of pending items, data changes, and new government requests
  • Access robust reporting, including the only industry aggregate database
  • Have greater mobility for your operations managers
  • Maintain ETA and DPS compliance
  • Automate workflows for your move coordinators and claims adjusters
  • Continue to work when ETA/DPS are unavailable. Queued transactions will post to DPS when government systems resume operations
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