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Free training
Free training

Digital Inventory Mobile Applications
for TSPs, Agents, Crews, Drivers

Whether you’re a TSP, agent, or driver, our software connects you with the DoD shipments and user-friendly Digital Inventory app for quickly completing the inventory, obtaining service member comments and signature, and seamlessly delivering the finalized inventory into DoD and shipment management systems. No extra steps, and everything you need at your fingertips, no matter your role.

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DoD Digital Inventory Mandate made easy!

  • Independent and affiliated moving companies.
  • Comply with the DoD business rules for completing inventory at origin and destination.
  • Already connected with DoD via EasyDPS®, the application used by TSPs for their DoD business.
  • Data exchange ready: already connected to TSPs, domestic and international agents, and to third-party software applications for easy communication of move data and updates.
  • Work without Internet Connectivity.
  • Support the ISO standard.
  • Run on Android and iOS devices.
  • Supported by a team who understands your DoD business and has been maintaining and supporting applications for DoD moves since day 1 of the current DP3 system.
  • Run on GOgistiX®, a worldwide data exchange network that has connects you to your US and global partners and that has supported over 4,500,000 moves to date.
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