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We welcome software providers and third-party services vendors to plug-in & connect via our GOgistiX® network, which connects mobility, moving, shippers/transferees, and supply chain partners around the globe. Via GOgistiX® you can integrate your software products and your services so that your users can exchange data with other GOgistiX®- connected users, regardless of the software systems they use internally.

Many companies are already plugged in to GOgistiX® network and have been for over a decade.

When you connect your company & services via GOgistiX®:

  • Your software users can exchange data securely, in real time, with other GOgistiX®-integrated systems, including our systems- EasyDPS®, EDC-MoveStar®, EDC-AgentLink®
  • You can offer your products and services to thousands of users in the GOgistiX® marketplace
  • You can connect with existing GOgistiX® US and global members to form new business partnerships
  • You can streamline your operations, eliminate double data entry and delays, receive and access move data in real time, & respond to customer and partner inquiries timely
  • For DoD shipments, your GOgistiX® integration means your users are connected to the DoD systems via EasyDPS®, the only commercial application that connects directly to DPS and is used by 99.9% of TSPs doing business in DPS
  • And more!

And don’t just take it from us, here’s what our users have achieved with GOgistiX®:

Pounds moved
Moved close to 23 billion pounds
Claims filed
Shared and stored 14 million documents
Made over 5.2 million moves
Automated transactions
Automated 3.6 million rule-based transactions
Alerts and notifications delivered
Filed over 6.5 million claim items
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