Enterprise Database Corporation (EDC®) Helping to Sniff-Out COVID-19

Alexandria VA— March 1, 2021 — Enterprise Database Corporation (EDC®) has joined with u-Smell-it™ (www.usmellit.com) as the technology and development partner for an early and rapid detection COVID-19-indicator test that pinpoints one of the strongest indicators of COVID-19 infection: loss of the sense of smell.

Research shows that up to 85% of people infected with COVID-19 experience loss of smell. “Because of that, clinicians should consider a patient’s loss of smell and taste an early indication of infection,” said Dr. Francesco Bax, from Santa Maria della Misericordia University Hospital in Udine, Italy.

Dr. Derek Toomre, Professor, YALE University School of Medicine and Founder of u-Smell-it™ LLC and Kimmo Piironen, CEO of u-Smell-it™, spearheaded this test to help determine possible COVID-19 infection through the sense of smell.

With results in less than a minute and inexpensive testing cards that use scratch-and-sniff features paired with a simple app, the u-Smell-it test has the ability to reach an audience of virtually unlimited scale and give users an earlier indication that they should consider quarantine and seek medical diagnosis and treatment.

“Earlier detection within a broader population will result in reduced exposure for the population at large and reduced personal and economic impacts from this virus,” Dr. Toomre said. “We trust EDC’s technology expertise to ensure ease-of-use, as well as the secure and reliable delivery of this exciting and important testing product,” said Piironen,

“Our EDC team is proud to be part of this important u-Smell-it™ project with the ability to positively impact lives around the globe,” said Diana Corona, President of EDC®.

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