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TMM, Inc. Chooses the EDC® Digital Inventory App as Their Preferred Mover-Network Digital Inventory Solution

Enterprise Database Corporation (EDC®) is pleased to announce that TMM, Inc. has selected EDC®’s Digital Inventory app as their preferred digital inventory solution for their network of affiliated, trusted transportation companies.

“In addition to the ease of use for our agents and their teams, EDC®’s solution also directly connects to our own EasyDPS® & Utopia systems for secure, real time syncing of shipment information, updates, documents, inventories, and more,” said Blake Lowthian, TMM Hauler Operations Senior Advocate. “We also love that there is a solution available to our network that accomplishes all this. After looking at many options, EDC® was a no brainer.”

TMM will also be joining the EDC® Digital Inventory Advisory Panel and providing the expertise of their years of experience and their extensive transportation network. The EDC® Digital Inventory Advisory Panel, open to all EDC® customers, is comprised of representatives from companies large and small, domestic and international, and invites insights from all the roles and voices in the moving and inventorying process

TMM, based in Jacksonville, FL, is a non-asset-based logistics company that maintains a network of affiliated transportation companies that service TMM’s contracted shipments. Currently, TMM coordinates more DoD moves than any other single entity and employs more than 200 people led by a highly skilled and experienced management team.

“We’re excited to welcome and support TMM’s agent network to our Digital Inventory community,” said Diana Corona, President and Co-Founder of EDC®. “TMM brings over 19 years of industry experience and advocacy for their network and the customers they serve, and we look forward to continuing to support the great work that they do in the industry.”

EDC®’s digital inventory program is the only commercial solution that connects directly to the Defense Personal Property System (DPS) for real-time updates, and to EDC®’s worldwide GOgistiX® network of Transportation Service Providers (TSPs), agents, vendors, and third-party systems for secure, real-time data exchange and syncing of shipment information, updates, and more. To date, GOgistiX® has powered real-time data exchange for over 5 million moves and 21 billion pounds for connected customers worldwide.

About Enterprise Database Corporation (EDC®)For more than two decades, EDC®, based in Prince William County, Virginia, has been revolutionizing the way that companies do business with commercial and custom software solutions that simplify and connect. One of their longest industry partnerships has been in support of the Moving and Storage industry. EDC® designed and developed solutions, such as EasyDPS®, EDC-MoveStar®, GOgistiX®, EDC- AgentLink® that have long been embraced by the moving and storage industry to manage various lines of business, streamline operations, and to communicate with shippers, moving partners and vendors across the world. Today, EDC® develops and supports commercial and custom software solutions in several vertical markets which include transportation and mobility, healthcare (medical revenue management), technology, and others.

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