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EDC® Announces the Formation of the EDC® Digital Inventory Advisory Panel

Don’t miss out! We’re pleased to announce the formation of the EDC® Digital Inventory Advisory Panel, and invite others to join! EDC® has always valued and involved the “hands-on” insights from you who are using our various software solutions.

Whether domestic shipment or international, DoD, commercial, COD, office, or other shipment type, whether you’re using the ISO 17451-1 standard or prefer the more flexible inventory standard, each of you represents a variety of perspectives and needs, and we invite your insights and involvement.

The EDC® Digital Inventory Advisory Panel currently consists of representatives from the following companies:

  • Ackley Moving Services
  • Apple Moving
  • Arrowpak Transport & Warehousing
  • Charter Properties/American Group Logistics
  • Cornerstone Moving and Storage
  • Covan World-Wide Moving
  • Crystal Forwarding
  • Denali Group
  • Dewitt Move Worldwide
  • Lambert Transfer & Storage
  • Pullen Moving Company, Inc
  • Sourdough Transfer
  • Terminal Storage Company/Carolina Services
  • TMM, Inc.

This advisory panel is open to all EDC® customers using or planning through the adoption of the EDC® digital inventory app; and it’s important to us that those involved represent all the roles and voices in the moving and inventorying process, as well as users of all our EDC® software solutions through which customers are able to access our digital inventory app:

  • EasyDPS®
  • EDC-MoveStar®
  • EDC-AgentLink®

Welcome to our founding members above!

And, if you’d also like to join and share your insights as a member of the EDC® Digital Inventory Advisory Panel, please let us know by emailing

We know your time is limited (even when your expertise is in abundance) and that our customers live in various time zones, so we won’t Zoom you to exhaustion. Instead, we’ll contact you via email whenever we have questions on which we are seeking feedback. We limit these emails to a maximum of one weekly unless a truly urgent question arises. Additionally, in support of this effort, we’ve also created an internal EDC® inventory task force made up of key development, design, support, test, and business development EDC® staff members who directly liaise with the members of our advisory

And, as always, if you have general questions about digital inventories or would like a demo of our app in action, please email sales[at] so that we can quickly assist in answering your questions.

Here's to more great collaborations in support of the hardworking Moving/Removals & Storage industry companies and customers.