Digital Inventories – are you ready?

Whether referred to as “Digital Inventories,” “Electronic Inventories,” or “Paperless Inventories,” there’s no question about the need to add this in-demand service to your team’s tool kit in order to win and keep important channels of revenue.

The great news is that there are helpful resources and significant benefits to utilizing Digital Inventories – and you can learn more about them from our EDC® team and within the EDC® Digital Inventory Resource Hub.

As confirmed in the 2022 Defense Personal Property Program (DP3) HHG Tender of Service (TOS), USTRANSCOM is mandating the use of electronic inventories for DoD personal property shipments effective May 15, 2023. Even now, these electronic, descriptive inventories are “strongly encouraged” by USTRANSCOM.

Whether for military, commercial, or COD shipments, many consumers and client accounts are reporting a preference for Digital Inventories for their legibility and clarity in understanding any condition codes and comments. Digital Inventories can also give movers quicker access to the itemized list of pieces, conditions, and notes, as well as the ability to attach riders at storage, delivery, and integration should there be a claim.

Digital Inventories help movers achieve their goals for paperless operations and give additional communication and data reporting ability for the movers and accounts that use them.

If you’re not yet using Digital Inventories and are wondering about the best way to begin, we’re here to help. We’ll give you not only the tools, but also the training, best practices, adoption advice, and on-call support to launch a successful Digital Inventory plan and begin benefiting as soon as possible.

At EDC®, we’ve been providing Digital Inventory software for years within our EDC-MoveStar® Mobile app, and have recently added this tool for our EasyDPS® customers at no additional cost to give them the ability to meet the DoD mandate and prepare well in advance.

We’ve set up a Digital Inventory Resource Hub in which you can scan industry updates, FAQs and Trending Topics. You can also ask questions, link to updated DoD and other online resources, receive tips for best training and adoption, and scan The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Digital Inventories.

Whether you’re a TSP, agent, driver, or tech company, there’s something for you here!

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