Announcing WYNPIPE™ - Sales pipeline perfected!™

Enterprise Database Corporation (EDC®) is proud to announce WYNPIPE™, the industry-changing solution to lost leads and missed revenue!

Industry leaders know that in order to win business, studies show that they need to be the first to respond with answers and solutions, but with all the competing demands on time and tasks, leads and follow-up are missed, and business is lost.

WYNPIPE™ gives you the tools you need to win:

  • Instant visibility to new leads and priority ranking based on likelihood to book.
  • Configurable lead routing, alerts, and communications to follow your best practices - even if you're called away.
  • Ability to instantly quote, book, and collect payment, with everything at your fingertips.
  • Automated tasks, communications, and alerts so there's no lead left behind.
  • Easy reporting and management views to see the status of every opportunity, and flag any that are at risk.
  • Ability to integrate with other systems and tools.

Whether business is commercial, COD, government, office and specialty, military, domestic, international, local, regional, or long-distance – WYNPIPE™ delivers the solution to lost leads and missed revenue.

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