A FAMILY OF MOBILE APPS When you’re focused on running your moving business, staying ahead of the technology curve isn’t always easy. That’s why we created GOgistiX Mobile.  It’s a suite of user-friendly mobile applications that grow with your moving and storage business and keep you on the cutting edge of innovation.
EFFICIENCY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS The moving and storage industry moves fast, and we’ve got the software you need to keep up.  With GOgistiX Mobile applications your team will save time by gathering estimates and inventory information quickly within your customer’s home.  With this well-organized data you can make better decisions about how you assign personnel, materials, and other resources.
Whether in the home or in the office, staff can share data in real-time across the GOgistiX network. Data from the mobile applications synchronizes seamlessly with EDC-MoveStar and EasyDPS making communication easier for your customers and your team.
Instant communication, data and file sharing with shippers.

Shippers can complete virtual premove surveys from their mobile devices.

Shippers can take customizable customer satisfaction surveys.

Shippers can keep track of their move.  

Shippers can rate your crew. 




Search for items in your warehouse(s).

Schedule surveys and get driving directions.

Complete surveys in the customer’s home. 

Take photos and create detailed notes related to the job.

Prepare, print and email reports all from the app.  

Get all the information you need to create a fast, accurate pre-move survey in your customer’s home. 

Quickly determine how many boxes you’ll need, which items are being moved, and which are staying behind. 

Keep track of any photos or special instructions to make planning easier. 

Use automation and app tools to provide detailed, tariff-supported estimates. 

Capture signatures, print reports, and email customers all from the app. 

Streamline your inventory process with modern mobile technology.

As a driver or inventory specialist, you’ll get important job information in the palm of your hand. 

Quickly note items, boxes, and crates, while keeping track of damage and capturing photos. 

Detail the most important parts of the move, and provide all the required reporting for customers and carriers.  

Managers can use the Dashboard Application on their iPhone to:
Get information on daily shipment and shortfuse totals by SCAC, shipment type and market.

Analyze CSS scores reports.

Review claims and invoicing data on the go.