We have new offices! As our company kept on growing, the need for a bigger office was clearer than ever. After many months of searching for the right place, we found the perfect building, strategically located for our employees, excellent size, great condition, and of course with a good price. :).

Then a question came up. Where could we find a mover? If only we had connections in the moving industry. :) Thankfully we have some. We picked up the phone and called our good friends at Able Moving & Storage. Sure enough, they came to our rescue.

Able did an outstanding job. Let’s start by how well they protected not only our previous office but the whole building. As some of you may know our previous office was located on the 8th floor of the building. Everything from our front door, through the hallway, the elevators, through the first floor of the building to the truck, was covered in cardboard. It was literally impossible to damage the property. The crew was excellent, they took good care of our things and did a fast job, even when the cold was hitting hard (we chose the coldest day of December, sorry Able).

Thank you Able for your great service!



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