A few weeks ago, at IAM’s annual meeting in New Orleans, we launched TrakGX™, our newest mobile application. TrakGX™ is the shipper app we believe will change the way moving companies interact with their shippers.

This is not the first time we’ve released a product that we know will change the industry. In the past, when we first introduced the GOgistiX® network we knew it would change the way moving companies interact with each other. Several years down the road, we now see the GOgistiX® has achieved that goal. Now it only takes a few clicks for a moving company to share a job and all the necessary information with another company. Currently the GOgistiX® network handles thousands of interactions between moving companies every day.

We believe TrakGX™ will have a similar impact on the moving industry. The GOgistiX® network and our different systems (EasyDPS®, EDC-MoveStar®, EDC-AgentLink® and our mobile apps) allow moving companies and third-party services to communicate and share data between them in an instant. But there was one key variable being left out of the equation, the shipper. Moving companies didn’t have a solution to communicate and share data with the shippers that was fully integrated with their systems. Well… they do now.

TrakGX™ turns the shipper’s mobile device into the main communication hub between them and the moving companies. With TrakGX™ shippers can:

  • Schedule premove surveys
  • Complete virtual premove surveys
  • Take customizable customer satisfaction surveys
  • See the assigned crew in advance
  • Rate the assigned crew
  • Keep track of the move status
  • Communicate with the moving company’s team through the TrakGX™ chat
  • File claims

TrakGX™ is fully integrated  and managed through EDC-MoveStar® or the new EasyDPS® interface. (Wait… You didn’t know there is a new EasyDPS® interface? We’ll  tell you more in next week’s post).

We say it again, we truly believe TrakGX™ will change the way moving companies interact with their shippers. Communication will be faster, easier and more convenient for shippers.

If you want to know more about TrakGX™ please give us a call to (703) 393-0440.

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