Campaign is a new startup out of California that is trying to change the way we buy, build, and move furniture.  Its founder points to the high cost of furniture shipping as an issue for the average consumer.  If you ordered a sofa online, for example, you can expect to pay on average between $100 and $250 on shipping costs.  Campaign includes the cost of shipping in every piece it sells, which they believe makes their modern furniture a good deal.

The furniture’s construction and packability set it apart from the average low-cost furniture suppliers.  Every mover is familiar with flat-pack IKEA furniture.  Campaign’s furniture comes in a similar packaging through Fed-Ex.  However, no screwdrivers are required for this one.  All of the pieces have a modular quality allowing the consumer to pop the pieces together quickly.  Fast Company has a cool time-lapse video that shows an arm chair being put together in under 3 minutes:

How does this impact moving?  From all reports the materials are sturdier than the average IKEA product.  Rather than particle board, Campaign has used steel to construct their frames.  And they are just as easy to put together as they are to take apart.  Meaning that consumers (and movers) will be able to deconstruct the couch before moving it down a 5-story walk-up.

Couches, love seats, and arm chairs can be pre-ordered now.

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