EasyDPS® has a special place in our company’s heart. Everyone here is really proud of how important EasyDPS® is for our customers. We know that because we hear it from you very often and we appreciate the kind words you express about our product and our service. Believe it or not, almost 10 years have passed since EasyDPS® came along. We could spend hours talking about the different challenges we had to face and conquer, challenges that came in all shapes and forms. But instead, let’s focus on the latest obstacle we had to surmount , upgrading EasyDPS® to our current state of technology.

Ten years in a person’s life means a few more wrinkles, gray hairs here and there, and probably some extra weight. For software, however, ten years is a lifetime. Try to think what mobile apps you were using 10 years ago. Any luck? The iPhone wasn’t even out yet, let alone Android. The concept of a mobile app, at least the way we now know mobile apps, was something simply not in the picture. That is the time when EasyDPS® was brought to life.

Now you see why EasyDPS® needed a revamp. Not only because we are talking about a 10-year old software, but also because now mobile apps are in the picture. Now when we think about software, we automatically think about the mobile app version or about the mobile app that completes that software experience. We knew we needed to bring EasyDPS® to the mobile era and that is what we did. That is why the new EasyDPS® interface is not just a facelift but also a change under the hood.

The effort of upgrading EasyDPS® has paid off. We are proud to announce to our customers the new EasyDPS® interface and a new mobile app included with it, TrakGX™, the shipper app we believe will change the way you communicate and exchange information with your shipper. (If you want to know more about TrakGX™ please read this article). In addition to TrakGX™, the new interface also comes with unlimited reporting and alert capabilities.

It goes without mention that all of our customers are getting the new EasyDPS® interface, including TrakGX™, for free. Because the new interface requires a small amount of training, we will be upgrading customers to the new interface on  a request basis. In the meantime, you will be able to keep using EasyDPS® Classic. For now.

If you want to know more about the new interface or schedule your upgrade please give us a call to (703) 393-0440.



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