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GogistiX Petwork

The Pets of the GOgistiX Network, or the “GOgistiX Petwork” as we’ve been fondly calling it here at the office,  sort of started as a joke.  

If you know our fearless leader, Richard Corona, you know he does not like to fly.  Last year while traveling to St. Louis for an excellent CPPC convention, Richard and I were brainstorming about different ways to engage our customers online.  I think we had been driving 8 or 9 hours at that point, and somewhere between the mountains of West Virginia and the cornfields of Illinois (or was it Indiana?) Richard said, “Why don’t we just start posting pictures of our pets?”  We spent several minutes discussing the popularity of cat videos on Facebook, and that was the end of it.  

Later that evening in St. Louis, Richard and I were seated at a table with some very nice people whom we hadn’t met before.  It was at this point that Richard, earning his fearless leader tag, pulled out his iPhone and said to the entire table “Anyone want to share photos of their dogs?”  It was a race to see which of those 10 people could pull out their phone the fastest.  “This is Dixie. She’s my Granbaby!” one proud woman exclaimed about her son’s dog.   “Here’s Duke.  He’s a Great Dane but thinks he’s a lap dog.  Wait, let me get through these few; I’ve got some better pictures we got from the photographer last week.”   “Oh my goodness, look at this one of Crystal.  Yep, there she is at work.  She sits at the office and greets all the customers as they come in.”

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