Google who? It’s very likely this is the first time you hear about Google Keep. As many of Google’s apps and services, unless you go deep in Google’s portfolio page (which is hidden beneath a few layers itself), it can easily go unnoticed. The purpose of the app is to “Keep” notes, as simple as that. Even though there are dozens of apps out there built for that same purpose, personally, I believe that Google Keep does it like no other. Let me explain myself.

Many of these apps designed for taking notes at some point evolve into something more complex. They become a kind of text editor app, with so many options and features that makes taking notes a task far more complicated than it should be.

Google “Keep”, on the other hand, is a light, simple, and easy to use “notes” app. It does the job without all the gimmicks.


Google keep sample screen.


The following is my Google Keep review:

Google Keep, in my opinion, is intended for someone who needs to take quick notes on the go. Small pieces of information that you’ll use later. It could be an address, a short shopping list, some instructions, etc. I often find myself using it also to create checklists for recurrent tasks. For example a checklist of things to include on a blog post, a checklist of things that I can’t forget before going on a trip, or a checklist of things to do at work, etc.

Like I said, there are several options for note taking apps out there, but one of the things that separates this one from the pack is its simplicity. When you want to write down a quick note, you really don’t care about the font type, color, size, or any of those type of features. You just want to write it down as fast as possible and have it a few swipes away when you need that info again. That’s where Google Keep shines over other apps.

Also the way this app displays the notes makes them very accessible to you. Instead of going through several steps of navigation, all of your notes are on the main screen at the very moment you open the app. If you want to find one note you just need to scroll/swipe down to locate it.

One of the few but powerful and extremely useful features the app has is the ability to assign a color to each note. That makes it  easy to spot categories for your notes.

Another great feature is the fact that your notes synchronize between your phone, tablet and desktop. That means your notes are always at your fingertips no matter what device you are using, and since the app is super light you can access them in no time.

The rest of the few features the app has are those you would expect from a “notes” app: attachments, tags, drawings, reminders and sharing capabilities, all packed in a simple light interface.

Simple, efficient, synchronizes through all of your devices, fast and easy to use.

Google Keep has become one of my most used apps. If you give it a try, it might surprise you.

You can download Google Keep here: Android | Apple


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