EDC is now 15!! It’s incredible how fast time flies when you’re having fun. And let met tell you, this has been a wild 15-year-old flight.

Everything started at the Corona’s many moons ago. What once was a two people show, has now become a successful business with offices overseas. Like any other business, we’ve had difficult times, but we can say it has been a wonderful ride. The dedication, sweat and blood (a few paper cuts along the way) have paid our dues. Now, 15 years later, we are strong, happy and ready for 15 more. We thank our customers for their kind support and contribution to our success.

We think it’s fair to share with other companies some guidelines that have proved to be helpful for us during this amazing time in our company’s history.

Parenting Tips for Raising a 15-Year-Old Software Company

  • Be aware of body image issues. This age comes with body image problems. After 15 years sitting at a desk, coding software, the human body suffers some alterations, mainly in the abdominal area. Pay attention to excessive concern over weight. If needed, have the company lunch be just salad. Ok, you can throw some bacon on it.
  • Encourage healthy habits. Most 15-year olds start to move away from healthy habits. You should offer advice on issues like exceeding the 3 daily cups of coffee, being constrained to one single food group (fast food), and the GAS syndrome (Gadget Acquisition Syndrome). It’s very important they know that walking from the desk to the coffee machine does not qualify as daily exercise.
  • Promote healthy relationships. Please make sure they know there’s a world outside Webex, Gotomeeting and Linkedin. A system that rewards human-to-human interactions is optional, but highly recommended. In case you are wondering, email cannot be rewarded under this system.
  • Restrict privileges when necessary. Every 15 year old needs to know that breaking the rules have consequences. For example, if they take the last soda without restocking, they will be temporarily deprived from fridge access. If they finish the pot of coffee without putting a fresh one, coffee privileges should be revoked immediately.


Please let us know any additional tips you think can help us.

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