The EDC-MoveStar® Mobile suite of applications can be used without internet connectivity.

For Operations Managers

  • Provides managers with easy access to company performance data from leads and shipments, to claims, surveys and billing - all on the go
  • Gives insight into company and branch-level performance metrics and tracking

For Move Coordinators

  • Access all of your shipment information and documents on the go
  • Communicate via chat with your partners and team
  • View and reschedule tasks
  • Empower your move coordinator managers with workload management tools

For the Moving Crew

  • Create detailed inventories
  • Capture customers' signatures electronically

For Surveyors and Estimators

  • Complete surveys and create estimates that instantly transfer to your EDC-MoveStar®
  • Capture customers' signatures electronically
  • Print reports and email customers on the go

For the Warehouse

  • View real-time warehouse capacity and locate shipments
  • Quickly pinpoint incoming and late shipments
  • Receive and release shipments from anywhere
  • Print documents from your mobile device

DOD Shipment Acceptance

  • Accept short fuse offers and standard awards directly from your mobile device

Long gone are the days of waiting for information until you can get back to the office. EDC-MoveStar® Mobile brings all of the functionality of EDC-MoveStar® to your mobile device.

EDC-MoveStar® Mobile is available on iOS and Android devices and displays perfectly on mobile phones or tablets.


EDC has partnered with Move for Hunger to help put food in the hands that need it.