An online demonstration of EasyDPS® typically takes 30 minutes to one and a half hours, depending upon how many questions you may have. You’re welcome to invite any member of your team to join the meeting, but we specifically recommend move and operations managers, technical personnel, decision makers, and general users to participate. We’ll give you a complete overview of the system, and show you how our current customers are using it to make their military moves easier.

EasyDPS® is designed to exclusively manage military household goods shipments. (For COD, commercial, and GSA moves take a look at EDC-MoveStar®.) It is full of features that reduce your need to manually log in to the government system. They include (but are not limited to): blackout management, system administration, short-fuse shipments, claiming, billing, and reporting. 

Our development team constantly monitors SDDC communications and the DPS system for any programmatic changes that could impact our customers. EasyDPS® complies with all government regulations including: SDDC requirement for digital certificates, ETA login rules, and DPS click counts.

EasyDPS® is priced according to the number of SCACs you choose to license. Initial costs include the server, SCAC license(s) and maintenance for one year. Each additional year requires a small yearly licensing and maintenance fee for each SCAC. Please call our sales staff at (866) 4-EDC-USA or email us at for pricing information specific to your needs.

Once you sign your EasyDPS® licensing agreement and payment is received, it typically takes 3-4 weeks to get started on the system. Before shipping your server, it is thoroughly tested and all of the latest product updates are installed. We can begin training your staff immediately. The training is completed live online with one of our trainers, and your staff can start using the system as soon as the training is completed.
Training is always free, whether you need training once or 100 times. Initial training for EasyDPS® takes approximately 3 to 4 days, depending upon your staff’s availability. All users should be trained by an EDC trainer, to ensure every system functionality is covered and every question is answered. We also encourage our customers to reach out and request additional training whenever they feel they need it, especially as new features are added.

You don’t have to integrate your internal company software with EasyDPS®. It is a stand-alone interface that allows you to manage military moves and communicate with the Defense Personal Property System. However, if you would like to streamline your operations by integrating with an internal system it can be done in several ways:

Use GOgistiX-enabled software:
Several third-party software companies have created a one-way data exchange with EasyDPS®, allowing your military move information to be transferred seamlessly to your internal move management software. In addition, if you are in the market for new move management software, consider participating in a demonstration of EDC-MoveStar®, our comprehensive, fully-integrated operations management system. It gives you all the functionality you need for your COD, commercial, and GSA moves, while being fully integrated with your military moves in EasyDPS®.

EDC completes the integration with your legacy system:
We will review your current software and our developers will create a proposal (including time and cost estimates). Labor is charged hourly at one of the lowest rates in the software industry.

Your IT staff integrates your legacy system with EasyDPS®:
We’re happy to provide you with the EasyDPS® software application programming interface (API) free of charge. This allows your IT staff to complete the integration in-house.

We never charge customers for updates to EasyDPS®. Our development model relies on the experience of our user community, and users are encouraged to suggest improvements to the system. Each feature request is reviewed thoroughly by our development team. Updates to the system are pushed automatically to your server, ensuring every user always has the most up-to-date version of software.
High-speed internet connectivity is required to be installed in your offices to ensure EasyDPS® can access the Defense Personal Property System (DPS) for shipment updates. Internet connectivity also allows your server to connect with us for product updates and performance monitoring.
All your shipment data belongs to you and resides on your EasyDPS® server. There are no third-party data management or processing companies. All data is exchanged securely and directly between your company’s appliance and DPS. We have built tools in the system that allow you to manage all of your data, DPS logins, and passwords independently of our staff, ensuring your privacy.

EasyDPS® is designed to work for you in real-time and uploads your shipment updates as quickly as DPS will accept the changes. In addition, if DPS is experiencing any sort of system outages, you can continue to work within EasyDPS® and any changes will be uploaded as soon as DPS is back online.